Spring is the best season to see Naruto whirlpool

A natural phenomenon called a whirlpool tide that comes in the shape of a large vortex is formed in a wide ocean. Among such whirlpools, the Naruto whirlpool that occurs along the Naruto Strait in Naruto-city, Tokushima prefecture is said to be somewhat large and is best seen during the spring season.

Nature's creation

Whirlpools at Naruto Straight is caused by the speed differences when a fast ocean current flows into a gentle ocean current. Since it is a natural phenomenon caused by tide, it can only be seen for several hours a day!

It can reach up to a diameter of 30 metres

Naruto whirlpools are said to be the world’s largest, as they can reach up to 30 metres in diameter. These whirlpools appear and disappear one after another within a few seconds.

See the largest whirlpool in spring

If you want to see the biggest whirlpool at Naruto Straight, it is best to visit here in spring.

Look down from the glass floor

There is a observation deck at Onaruto Bridge at Naruto Strait. The deck is 45 metres above sea level, and here is a glass floor where you can look down at whirlpools emerging.

Whirlpool sightseeing ships

If you are here just to see the whirlpools, you might be interested to go on the whirlpool sightseeing ship tours. The ships can withstand the largest torrents so if you take this tour, you’ll be able to get much closer to the whirlpools!

See them from underwater

There are actually two types of ships that sail to the whirlpool. One is a large ship that can endure strong waves and the other is a smaller ship that can sail faster. The smaller ship has an underwater observation room, so you can actually see what whirlpools are like underwater.

Take the escalator to the observation deck

Adjacent to Onaruto bridge, there is a 68-metre “sightseeing escalator” at Naruto park that will take you to the observatory deck.

Located in Kansai area

The whirlpools that occur in Naruto straight lies between Tokushima prefecture and Hyogo prefecture. It is a 2-hour ride by car from Kansai International Airport. While waiting for the emergence of whirlpools, you can also enjoy eating delicious seafood in the meantime!

Embrace the beauty of nature's creation

Go on a boat-ride adventure to see one of the world’s largest whirlpools at Naruto strait. Don’t forget to check out the best fares to Japan at DeNA TRAVEL!