Hot-springs at Ginzan: Immerse yourself in the nostalgic atmosphere of Japanese onsen

Feel the nostalgic atmosphere at Ginzan onsen. This traditional Japanese town is gradually becoming a popular tourist site. As the sun sets, gas lamps will make the city even more vibrant.

Where is this nostalgic onsen town?

Ginzan onsen is located in Obanazawa city, Yamagata prefecture. From Haneda airport, go to Tokyo station and take Shinkansen to Oishida station. There is a bus that departs to Ginzan onsen every 60-90 minutes. This one way trip will take around 5 hours.

The charm of Ginzan onsen is its cityscape

Many movies have chosen Ginzan onsen as their filming location. Some buildings are also designated as “important cultural properties.” If you are visiting Ginzan onsen for the first time, make sure you take a stroll around their retro streets.

If you are immersed of the nostalgic atmosphere…

If you want to soak in the nostalgic atmosphere, stay at “Notoya Ryokan”. This ryokan is nominated as a tangible cultural property of Japan.

Inside the ryokan there are many relaxing spaces such as a rest area and a cafe. Their lounge was built for over 100 years therefore this place is full of memories.

There are a variety of meals to choose from at the ryokan and for the nostalgic atmosphere, you should try their Japanese dishes.

At Notoya ryokan, there are different types of hot springs. This includes the outdoor bath and the Japanese cypress bath. If you go for the outdoor bath, you can see the view of the waterfall as you take your time to relax.

Shirogane Falls

After healing yourself at the hot spring, you can take a walk through the path at the back of Ginzan onsen.

“Shirogane falls” is a waterfall with a height of 22 metres. Take a walk along the route and see the clean water that slides down rock compliments within the surrounding nature.

If you walk a little upstream from Shirogane falls, you can see another waterfall called “Raion falls”. Here, you will feel like you are standing in those Japanese paintings. Close your eyes, relax and listen to the flow of water.

On the way up from Shirogane falls to Raion falls, you can see “Sekotoi bridge”, known for its red balustrade design. You can walk along the bridge and observe the nature from there.

Experience the "nostalgic" atmosphere

This retro-city, Ginzan Onsen, will leave you with a sentimental feeling. Definitely visit Ginzan Onsen on your next trip with us at DeNA TRAVEL.