Three-star Michelin, Kenrokuen Garden

“Kenrokuen Garden” was opened 17th century and it received the highest 3 stars in Michelin-sightseeing guide. It is a symbol that represents Japan. The park is next to Kanazawa Castle which is a popular sightseeing spot. This park is said to be very crowded during spring for its cherry blossoms and autumn for its autumn leaves.

A representative of Japan

Kenrokuen was built by the order of the former lord of Kanazawa. The former lord wanted the garden to surround the villa that was often used for banquets.

The name Kenrokuen means “a garden with 6 scenic spots”. Also, isn’t this place the perfect place to walk around wearing a kimono?

Have you prepared your kimono? Off you go for more traditional experiences

It is 1 hour by plane from Tokyo Haneda airport to Kanazawa Komatsu airport. From this airport, take the bus to Kanazawa station and change to another bus heading for Kanazawa Castle Park.
Travelling around Kanazawa is very convenient as well. There are other historical remains and traditional culture for you to explore!

You will never get bored

The scenery at Kenrokuen garden changes accordingly to each season. Cherry blossoms in spring, pine in the summer, colourful autumn leaves in autumn and a snowy garden in winter.

Feel free to visit Kenrokuen garden every season in possible!

Definitely visit Kenrokuen garden in winter

In winter, just before snowfall, you will get to see snow-hanging at Kenrokuen garden. This is actually the garden’s special, it uses a traditional gardening technique to keep the pines from breaking plus the usage of ropes to keep the trees upright and adds an artistic taste to the landscape.

Appreciate the beauty

Take your time walking around and appreciate the beauty at Kenrokuen garden. No matter where you stop at, the landscape is worth a photo. Be sure to bring your camera if you want to visit the garden.

The name “Kenrokuen,” meaning “six landscapes” comes from a book called “The Chronicles of Luoyang Gardens,” which published in China in 11th century.

Night illuminations at the garden

Each season, there are light-up events held at Kenrokuen garden. The entrance to see the light-up is free, and the landscape of the garden at night is just splendid.

Remarkable beauty of Japanese garden

It is amazing to see the changes to the appearances of landscape when you visit Kenrokuen each season. Our favourite is winter, even though it is cold, but seeing the amount of snow piling up there is an interesting sight.

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