Visit Kobe Airport on "Port Island"

Kobe airport is more than just a normal airport. Indeed, you wouldn’t think there’s much to do either at an airport. Let us introduce you to the things you can do at Kobe airport!

You can enjoy sightseeing and shopping

Kobe airport was built on an artificial island called “Port Island.”

It is said to be one of the major three airports in Kansai. Kobe itself is known as on of Japan’s famous port towns therefore you can enjoy visiting sightseeing spots and gourmet as well as observing the seaside landscape.

Moreover, not just near the airports but there are plenty of sightseeing places in Kobe so you should definitely take a stroll down the city!

It is 40-minutes by ship from Kansai international airport to Kobe airport. There are trains on Port Island so transportation is very convenient.

Now, let us introduce the best tourist attractions on Port Island.

Just one station from the airport, you can visit "Kobe Animal Kingdom"

“Kobe Animal Kingdom” is a must-see place for animal lovers. Here, you can get in contact with rare animals- ride on a camel’s back and have an owl sit on your shoulder!

You might not be able to get as close to the animals at other zoos in big cities so here’s your chance!

This shoebill is designated as one of the endangered animals, but you can meet them at Kobe Animal Kingdom. Animal exhibitions are renewed frequently so every time you come back, you might be lucky to see different exhibitions on each trip!

There are lots of cute animals

This is a ring-tailed lemur. You might have recognized from the movie “Madagascar” and yes, you can meet them at Kobe Animal Kingdom, also with their babies! Since it is just a station away from Kobe Airport, feel free to visit the zoo when you have time.

UCC Coffee Museum

Have you heard of UCC Coffee? UCC is a manufacturer of tea and coffee in Kobe, and they were the first ones who invented canned coffee. The UCC Coffee Museum on Port Island is a popular tourist spot, especially for coffee enthusiasts.

Here, you can learn about everything about coffee, from the history to UCC packaging designs from all over the world. Knowing the long history about your favourite coffee will make it more delicious.

World's top-class supercomputer

Supercomputers are computers with a higher computing performance than the general computers, mostly used for scientific purposes. The world’s top supercomputer,  “K computer” (K for the Japanese word “kei”)is installed just beside Kobe airport.

It is open to public every autumn, so if you are in Kobe during that season you should definitely stop by. It is also one station by train from Kobe Airport.

And if you are interested in science as well…

“Bando Science Museum” is a place where you can learn about science and technology. It is a great place to visit if you are travelling with children as they can experience the interactive exhibitions, such as the flight simulator and floating in space simulator.

K computers are also exhibited here annually so if you can’t make it to Kobe in autumn, you can visit the museum instead.

Special exhibitions at Bando Science Museum are also very interesting. Who knows, maybe you’ll get to see a stone from the moon or a genuine spacesuit!

The landscape at night is amazing

After having fun around Kobe Airport, you wouldn’t have realized that it’s already dark outside!

There is an observation deck on the top floor of Kobe airport so while you are waiting to board your flight, watch the night skies that covers the whole city of Kobe.

You'll be satisfied just by travelling around the airport!

There are many sightseeing spots around Kobe airport on Port Island. You take a tour around Kobe city then visit Kobe airport before you board your flight!

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