Tokyo Nightlife: Grab a glass of beer at Ebisu

For those who love alcoholic drinks, you should definitely visit Ebisu area in Tokyo. Why? Because here in Ebisu is where you can chill and enjoy the top-rated beers that are offered.

Yebisu beer, a long-time favourite

The oldest brand of beer that Japanese people are very familiar with is “Yebisu beer”. Established in 1890, and since then it has been popular among Japanese people for over 100 years.

Yebisu beer gained lots of attention from Japanese people since it was based on German technology developed by a German engineer. In Germany, there have been strict regulations on brewing beer but Yebisu beer was brewed legally in accordance with the law. At the time when Yebisu beer first came on sale, there were also fake Yebisu beers around!

Strolling around Ebisu

Back in the days, Yebisu beer was brewed in factory in Tokyo. As a result of a huge popularity, the factory expanded and the area where the factory was located has been called (Y)Ebisu, which is the area that we will introduce to you in this article. Ebisu has been widely known as a luxurious area for more than 100 years since the factory was established. It is within walking distance from Shibuya, a popular area among the youth and Daikanyama, an area where there are many sophisticated clothing shops and cafes. Daikanyama is said to be an influence on Ebisu to become a stylish area and it is ranked as the number one place Japanese people want to live in.

Even though the beer factory has moved elsewhere, you can still visit “Yebisu Beer Memorial Hall” located at a commercial facility called Yebisu Garden Place. Here, you can find artifacts and displays related to the history of beer.

Looking for some beer in Ebisu? Visit Ebisu Yokocho

In addition, there is an alleyway in Ebisu called “Ebisu Yokocho” and here you will find a few“izakayas”, or Japanese taverns.  For those who want a change of atmosphere should definitely make a stop at this place!

If you want to visit Ebisu Yokocho, it is recommended to go there by train. There are many railway lines connected to Ebisu station. From Tokyo station (40-minutes by bus from Haneda Airport), it takes approximately 20-minutes via the Yamanote line to Ebisu station. It is a 2-minute walk from Ebisu station to Ebisu Yokocho.

Beginning drinkers can also visit Ebisu Yokocho!

There are many public bars in various areas in Tokyo but most of the customers are men in their 40s and 50s. As you may find a number of regular customers in such places, some of the newcomers might feel a little uncomfortable. However, Ebisu is a popular area among the younger generation in their 20s and 30s and of course you will find them at Ebisu Yokocho as well. Because there are lots of young people, there is atmosphere is less tense and is always welcoming newcomers. Of course this is just a local bar at Ebisu but don’t hesitate to grab a glass of Yebisu beer!

Each shop is unique

Spend your evening and take a break at the shops at Ebisu Yokocho. Feel free to choose a shop fits best to your style and the number of people in your group.

Enjoy going around different shops!

There are 20 shops at Ebisu Yokocho so try visit as many shops as you can. While going around, there might be unexpected encounters, such as the dishes you never tasted before or meeting new friends!

Here is where people can get closer to each other

At Ebisu Yokocho, you can meet up with new people and a drinking party begins in no time! Seats in the shops are usually close to each other so it is easy to start a conversation with new friends. Before you go back, you’ll get to know one or two people from Ebisu Yokocho and who knows, they might become your travel buddy in the next day!

Grab some beer and enjoy your evening at Ebisu Yokocho

Can’t think of where to get some alcohol after a tiring day in the city? A delicious glass of beer awaits at Ebisu Yokocho!