Enjoy day and night and shoot Tokyo Tower in the four recommended spots

Located in the centre of Tokyo, Tokyo Tower is a landmark of Japan, and is definitely not to be missed when you are travelling to Tokyo. Being a particularly popular tourist spot, Tokyo Tower engages numerous visitors, including both local visitors and foreign tourists. After feeling the size of Tokyo in the tower, you do want to take photos of the tower itself, right? But I guess no one would deny that it is almost impossible to take a whole picture of Tokyo Tower from under it. In this article, we are introducing four best places for shooting the entire Tokyo Tower to you. Let’s go a bit away, and shoot the tower together with other featured landscapes!

Look up from under Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is a radio tower completed in 1958. It is 333 metres tall, and is characterized by two colours – red and white. The tower has two observation decks at 150 metres and 250 metres respectively. The most conventional way to get to the observation decks is by escalator. What makes it special is, it offers you the chance to reach the top by climbing stairs, exclusively on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. After successfully climbing to the top, you will receive a memorial certificate. It certainly will be the story you keep telling for the rest of your life.

However, when you visit the tower, it is such a pity if you do not have the opportunity to appreciate the whole architecture. Now, follow our recommendations, and go a bit further to photograph the stunning Tokyo Tower!

Shiba Park: appreciate Tokyo Tower with natural greenery

Shiba Park (“Shiba Koen” in Japanese) is a park located just in front of Tokyo Tower, and is one of the best spots to shoot the entire tower. The park is divided into several areas by numbers. In particular, “Shiba Park No.4”, the northernmost area in the park, is a perfect location to enjoy Tokyo Tower. There are two rows of the trees at both sides of the tower that make up an outstandingly beautiful scenery.

Shoot day and night! Yet be noted that it will be a little bit against the sun in the evening. If you visit there at night, the lit up orange tower and fresh green in the park contrast finely with each other, making for a great view for taking photos.

Shiba Park is just 10 minutes’ walking distance from Tokyo Tower.

Zojoji, where Tokyo Tower is in harmony with traditional temples

For Japanese tradition lovers, Zojoji is undoubtedly most recommended! The modern architecture and traditional architecture, that is to say, the tower and the temples, together make for a contrasting yet harmonious scene. Take this interesting scene into your photo, and show your friends how Tokyo is a city where the past meets with the present! There are several architectures in Zojoji, and the colours of each are different, will you take the challenge to photograph each of them with Tokyo Tower in a good angle? You definitely need certain technique to make a fine match in your photo.

The top must-take photo is a two shot of the main hall of Zojoji and the Tokyo Tower. The two buildings somehow match perfectly with each other, especially when both of them are in the same two colours – red and white. Before leaving, make sure you take time to admire how amazing the traditional temples are!

What’s more, the night view in Zojoji is indeed wonderful! There are several styles of lightings for Tokyo tower on different days, and they are all full of little charms to photograph. It is also an ideal place to rest your mind in a peaceful atmosphere.

Located next to Shiba Park, Zojoji is only a short 7-minute-walk from Tokyo Tower.

Keyakizaka, Roppongi Hills: photograph Tokyo Tower with an ocean of sparkling illuminations

Roppongi Hills is a 238-metre-tall skyscraper. Just few steps from the front of it, you can find Keyakizaka (or Keyaki-dori), which is top-rated for its illuminations from mid-November to December. There is a surprising number of LEDs – 12 million! Now, you can imagine how spectacular the night view is. It has a really great atmosphere for night photography when all the trees lining the street are wrapped in the ocean of light bulbs.

Furthermore, when you look up from the street, you will find the Tokyo Tower especially elegant – it looks like the sun setting over the ocean. As the area is always crowded, the use of tripod is not suggested. Be ready to shoot the dreamlike scenery promptly!

Keyakizaka is about 25 minutes from Tokyo Tower, by train and on foot. If you depart from Tokyo Station, it takes you also 25 minutes by train and on foot. Whichever you are heading from, get off at Roppongi Station, walk 5 minutes from the station, and you will get there.

World Trade Centre Building: shoot at the same eye level as Tokyo Tower

This time, let’s enjoy Tokyo Tower at the same eye level as it! The observatory deck of the World Trade Center Building in Tokyo is 152 metres above the ground, so you can enjoy the city skyline of Tokyo from high.

By the way, in the photo above, do you see the greenery at the foot of Tokyo tower? That is Shiba Park, the park we introduced firstly in this article. The mix of the red of the tower, the green of the park, and the blue of the sky together create a rich scenery perfect for photography.

The night view from the observation deck is very romantic and is by all means a must-see. It gives you a view into the enchanting, ever-changing cityscape at sunset time. What makes it even better is, this place is absolutely photographer-friendly, and tripods are welcome! Isn’t it a paradise for photographers? Be reminded that the admission time is until 20:00. It is best recommended to visit there in early evening, and do not miss the magic moment!

The World Trade Center Building is located a 15-minute walk from Tokyo Tower. If you go from Tokyo station, it is a 6-minute train ride to Hamamatsu Station, and the building is just in front of the station.

Decks Tokyo Beach: have a perfect shot of the colourful bridge and Tokyo Tower

At “Decks Tokyo Beach”, a large commercial facility, there is a terrace overlooking “Rainbow Bridge”, one of the most famous sightseeing spots in Tokyo. There you may enjoy the collaboration of Rainbow Bridge and the illuminations of  Decks Tokyo Beach at once. And don’t forget the Tokyo Tower! When you take photos of Tokyo Tower from there, you will by the way get a great view of the city, and a dozen of sightseeing spots will be in your photo too.

Decks Tokyo Beach is about 40 minutes by train and on foot from Tokyo Tower. If you start from Tokyo station, it takes around 30 minutes by train and on foot to get there. From either Tokyo Tower or Tokyo station, take a train and get off at Odaiba Kaihinkoen Station, then walk for 3 minutes to Decks Tokyo Beach.

Get your camera ready!

While taking photos of Tokyo Tower, you may by the way visit other sightseeing spots in Tokyo. It surely creates more memories than a conventional visit to the tower! Explore the city with your camera, and enjoy the days and nights there!