Explore Tokyo's Yamanote line: Tabata station

Each and every town in Tokyo is charming in its own way. In this article, we will introduce you to a town called “Tabata”. Not many people known much about Tabata, but the locals are very satisfied with this wonderful place.

Welcome to Tabata

Tabata is a station on the Yamanote line, which is Tokyo’s most important train line. Tabata station is considered anonymous since famous areas such as Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya and Akihabara are also on the Yamanote line, therefore most people prefer to visit these places first.

However, for those people who use the Yamanote line daily, Tabata is seen as a meaningful place.

Located in Kita-ku, Tabata is only 15-minutes from Tokyo station (40 minutes by bus from Haneda airport). Tabata is close to Ikebukuro and Ueno, the popular tourist spots.

Is Tabata just an ordinary town?

Tabata is said to be the most subdued town on the Yamanote line. Earlier in the year, a survey on “the town you are not familiar with” was conducted and Tabata was ranked 7th place. Even though Tabata is described as “plain”, it is truly loved by its locals.

This little-known but trendy place

One of the reasons that made Tabata captivate everyone’s heart is how the area has two components, the urban and rural area. Tabata is just like a mini-capital city where you can hear other people breathing clearly as you enter the crowd. Once people in other areas hear about how comfortable it is to live in Tabata, they are more than interested to visit this place as soon as possible.

Attractive, and full of life

Tokyo area is known for its cutting-edge technology and commercial success. In Tabata, there is a remnant of old-fashioned shopping streets. The community in Tabata is strong, the children here grow up being watched and taken care closely by the locals. This town cherishes the connection between people and its warm society.

And… that’s just not it! There are more things you can experience while you are in Tabata.

Tabata continues to grow day by day.. If more people know more about this town’s attractiveness, Tabata will surely become more well known!

Recently, the locals have been promoting the attractiveness of Tabata. One way of promoting is through SNS. One residents created a set of stickers with self-deprecating dialogue which can be used on a chat application. Tabata residents supported, and this particular set of stickers finally became number one on the ranking. The residents’ love for Tabata is incomparable!

For densha (train) fans

If you or any of your friends is/are a railway fan, make sure to stop by Tabata!

Lastly, we can’t forget the railways at Tabata. Actually, Tabata is known as “sacred ground for railways” among Japanese densha fans. In addition, Tabata is suitable place for looking at the railway as it a perfect location to see trains passing by . For more details, please check out this article!

Visit Tabata, a “sacred”ground for train lovers!

Tabata, an exquisite town

The surroundings at Tabata makes it cozy and comfortable when you’re walking around. When you need a break from the metropolitan area of Tokyo, please visit Tabata for a change of atmosphere!