Make a fresh start here in Okinawa! Tour around the four islands: Iriomote, Yufu, Kohama, and Taketomi

Are you bored with conventional travel trips? Plan an extraordinary vacation to Okinawa for yourself! Okinawa is Japan’s natural paradise, featuring wonderfully beautiful islands. This time, we are going to introduce a local tour where you can see water buffaloes in mangroves, enjoy historical landscapes, and admire stunning scenes of nature.

Let's start from Ishigaki-ko

The starting point to tour Okinawa is at Ishigaki-ko, the southernmost harbour of Japan. It is 30 minutes from Ishigaki airport by car. There are also bus services operating between the airport and the harbour. Arriving at the habour, you will see a crystal clear ocean and a wide blue sky. Check your luggage and ride on the touring boat!

Cruise neighbouring the Natural Monument – a mangrove forest!

The boat first reaches Iriomote Island. When the boat is cruising the river, it overlooks Nakama River and the beautiful mangrove forest in it! The mangroves in Nakama River has the largest basin area in Japan. It is so designated as one of the Natural Monuments by the government.

A huge tree of interesting shape

Heritiera littoralis (Sakishimasuounoki in Japanese) is always eye-catching for the shape of its root – it is shaped like sheets. The Heritiera littoralis in Nakama River is the biggest in Japan, and is thought to be a precious that ought to be preserved to the next generation. Have a close up of it, and feel how amazing it is!

Continue your journey with a water buffalo carriage

From Iriomote Island to Yubu Island, you will have to travel along a shallow river, and the transportation means will be a water buffalo carriage. Don’t you somehow feel healed enjoying the natural environment around while the buffalo is walking slowly in the nature?

The alluring view in Kohama Island, where television dramas are filmed

Next, let’s move to Kohama Island! With a very popular television drama series setting on the island, there is a growing number of tourists visiting there. Meanwhile, “Sugar road” is the top attraction on the island. As the name reflects, it is a road located between fields of sugar cane, which is a specialty of Okinawa. Be reminded that sugar cane doesn’t grow in winter, but you may still enjoy the magnificent wide view and the fresh breeze there.

Taketomi Island, where you can see the well-preserved historical landscape of Okinawa

The last destination is Taketomi Island. Taketomi Island is an extremely tiny island running 2.7 kilometres east to west and 3.4 kilometres north to south. The traditional buildings on this island are nationally designated as Important Cultural Properties of Japan. Wandering around the time-honored buildings in a peaceful atmosphere, you almost forget what century it is! Do spend some time on taking strolls there, and feel peace in heart.

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VELTRA: Iriomote/Yubujima/Taketomi/Kohama 4 Island Tour from Ishigaki

Make a fresh start here on the powerfully refreshing islands!

Get refreshed and energized by enjoying the beautiful islands in Okinawa! The miraculously relaxing natural scenes there will heal your heart, calm your stressed mind, and make a new you. Book your flight to Okinawa on our website, and it surely will be your best trip ever!