Visit Aso for its therapeutic nature: the spring there enlivens your heart!

Planning a trip to Japan in spring? The warm weather is just perfect for outdoor activities. How about visiting Aso in Kumamoto prefecture? It offers you an active volcano with a rich nature, which you must be impressed with. The adorable animals there are must-see too! In this article, we are going to introduce a therapeutic trip to Aso.

The spectacular nature in Aso

Aso, a region located in Kumamoto prefecture, is renowned for an active volcano and its outstanding natural beauty. Moreover, it also offers you opportunities to have fun with lovely animals. Don’t you think it is wonderful for a healing trip?

Flowers which even the immortals are enchanted with

In Aso, there is a canyon named “Sensuikyo”, which literally means “a canyon where the immortals are drunk”. It is said that the flowers there are so stunning that even the immortals are drunk with them. Every year from May to June, there are 50,000 rhododendrons blooming in the canyon. You must be enchanted with the stunning flowers there too!

The breathtaking nature: one of the largest caldera in the world

A caldera is a large hollow which is formed by volcanic activities. The caldera of Mt. Aso is one of the largest calderas in the world. When you actually look at it in person, you must be impressed by its magnificence!

A history of thousands of years: the amusing monkey-showman!

Now, let’s go to the Aso monkey-showman theatre! It is located at the foot of Mt. Aso, which is 40 minutes from the caldera by car. A monkey-showman is a form of Japanese traditional entertainment. There are various performances including Taikoo shows, dance shows and even comedy shows, which are all performed by monkeys. I am sure you will laugh at the funny shows and at the same time be impressed by the cleverness of the cute monkeys!

Adorable bears asking for snacks in animal shows

Adorable animals are always good at healing! Cuddly Dominion is zoo where you can have fun with a variety of animals. It is especially recommended to meet the bears there. The lovely bears act cutely and wave their hands in order to get snacks from you! You can enjoy some special animals shows there too.

Enjoy hot springs in a dreamlike hotel!

After freeing your mind from stress, don’t forget to refresh your body from tiredness too! Aso Farm Land is a perfect choice for you. It offers various types of hot springs and oxygen baths which help you get recovered after a long day. Other than conventional hotel rooms, there are also fairy-tale-like rooms where you can stay. Don’t be shy to make your trip special and memorable!

Experience the soothing power of nature here!

From Kumamoto Airport, it is a one-hour bus ride to Aso station. Although train service is available in Aso, it is more convenient to rent a car there. This way, everything is flexible and you can drive to anywhere you like!

Let's go outside in spring! Enjoy a healing trip to Aso

Aso offers you plenty of nature scenery and activities to see and enjoy! Search your flight on our website, and emancipate yourself in Aso!