Looking for traditional souvenirs? Visit Asakusa

Sensoji-temple (Asakusa Kannnon Temple) in Tokyo is one of the most popular tourist attractions. If you have a chance to visit this place, don’t forget to bring back souvenirs! Here, there is a long shopping street so you can find both traditional and unique Japanese merchandise.

The oldest temple in Tokyo

Sensoji temple, as one of the most famous temples in Tokyo, it is also the oldest with a history of nearly 400 years. The main gate is known as “Kaminarimon”, and it is the widely recognized symbol of this temple. Lots of Tokyo guide books usually has the picture of Kaminarimon and of course what you’ll see is – it is always full of tourists, especially during New Year holidays and when festivals are being held.

Best place to find souvenirs, Nakamise shopping street

The 300 metre shopping street called Nakamise street” at the front of Senoji Temple is always full of people. The temple itself is known as the oldest temple, so as this shopping street. As Nakamise street also has a long history, so as the products being sold there. Here, you can find shops selling traditional Japanese accessories and more!

You’ll definitely have fun by just walking along Nakamise street. It only takes 5 minutes to walk around the street if you are not making a stop at any shop. As there are many shops lining up along the street, even Japanese people don’t know about all the shop in there. Here, we’ll pick up recommended miscellaneous items from Nakamise street!

Replica of a samurai sword

Recently, there are many people who are becoming more interested in Japanese swords, influenced by Japanese movies and animation. Currently in Japan, games including legendary swords are a big hit.

Are you interested to get a sword for yourself?

At Nakamise street, there are several shops selling Japanese swords. They are replicas but are very well made and you can you can barely tell the difference from the real ones. In addition, the replica swords are cheaper so it really is one of the best souvenirs you can get from Japan!

There is no need to go through special documents if you possess a Japanese sword, but just be careful when carrying them around. It is advised that these swords should be enclosed or wrapped up.

Uchiwa: Japanese hand fans

Will you be in Japan during summer? Might as well cool yourself down with an uchiwa (Japanese hand fan). In the past, Japanese aristocrats possess beautiful decorated uchiwa and up until today, Japanese traditional style fans are one of the popular souvenir items. There are many shops selling uchiwa at Nakamise street so stop by if you have time!

It is said that former nobles uses the uchiwa as a prop to show their status. Moreover, uchiwa serves pretty well as a prop to carry around when you wear a kimono or yukata. Uchiwa also makes a fine interior in your room!

Japanese Chiyogami Papers

Chiyogami is a small-squared paper with traditional patterns on the side and they are normally used for origami. They come it various colours and patterns. One of the popular patters for Chiyogami is the cranes, and they symbolize “long life”.

Chiyogami papers are available at a relatively cheap price and easy to carry around. It is an ideal present for your dearest one.

Don't leave just yet!

Have you finished sightseeing around Sensoji Temple and bought souvenirs?
Must say, Nakamise street isn’t only attractive during daytime. Wait until around 6 pm when the shop shutters goes down…

You can see illustrations showing the history of Asakusa and the state of events on the shop shutters. The light up at night also makes a very good photo to add to your Japan trip album.

Sightseeing and shopping at Asakusa

From Tokyo station (40 minutes by bus from Haneda airport), you can take the bus directly to Asakusa. The trip will take around 30 minutes.

Don't forget to visit Asakusa and get hold of traditional Japanese souvenirs!

If you visit Asakusa and Nakamise street, you will surely find a traditional Japanese souvenir to take back home. In this articles we only introduced three merchandises, but you can find more accessories and miscellaneous goods at the shops in Nakamise street!

Visit Asakusa for an amazing experience of traditional Japan.