Go snorkelling! Enjoy the beauty of the sea

Snorkelling is most recommended for sea lovers! Just handily enjoy the world of sea with only simple tools, and no specific qualification is needed.

Why don’t you go into the sea when you go sightseeing near a sea? We are going to introduce two popular places where you can try snorkelling – Izu and Okinawa.

Izu, a treasure house of fish! Just one direct train from Tokyo

Izu, which can be reached easily by one direct train from Tokyo, is popular for snorkeling in that the sea here remains natural and undeveloped as it did in the old times.

The sea is so clear that you can see up to 30 meters away. So what else can you ask for? There are about 120 kinds of fish waiting for you!

Let's witness how Neon damselfish turn into different colours!

When the sea water is hot in July and August, Neon damselfish are bright blue. But once they get back to the nest, they turn into black like magic! Don’t you want to witness the miraculous moment?

A group of oriental butterflyfish is a great work of art!

Oriental butterflyfish have a thin body and a sharp mouth. They are usually in groups, and as each type of oriental butterflyfish has its own pattern and color, a big group of them swimming together in the sea makes a spectacular scenery, like a great work of art. Find your favourite one when you meet them!

The best snorkelling spot in the Izu Peninsula

“Hirizo Beach” at the edge of the Izu Peninsula is the most popular snorkeling spot in Izu. To get there, ride a boat at Nakagi of the Izu Peninsula.

It is located around 2 hours from Tokyo, and the access is not difficult so it is totally possible to visit there during your trip to Tokyo. It is crowded with visitors in August every year, so visiting there in early July seems a brilliant idea!

Plentious corals and fish decorating the sea of Okinawa

Okinawa has a reputation in the world for its beautiful sea. Snorkelling, is with no doubts, a must-do there! Okinawa is located in the most southern part of Japan, and is well-known for the warm climate there. This lovely place features not only colorful fish but corals and sea turtles also. There are about 200 kinds of corals!

Chance to meet a sea turtle!

There are several beaches in Okinawa where you can meet sea turtles. But remember that they are wild animals after all, so it is never a certainty. Be happy for the whole day if you chance to see them!

Sometimes the sea turtles swim to shallow water for eating seaweed, so there are still opportunities to meet them even if you are not very good at swimming. Do give a try!

Who coloured it? What a surprising Japanese Parrotfish!

“Wow! So cool!” This is probably what you will think when you see Japanese Parrotfish in the sea. While all of them are brightly colourful, male Japanese Parrotfish and the female ones are of different colours – only the former ones are blue. Polygyny is found in the species, which means one male mates with more than one female but each female mates with only one male. So, there are more females than the males. See if you are lucky to meet a blue one!

While the male ones are blue, the female Japanese Parrotfish are red. When the male of a group dies, the female of the biggest size in the group changes her sex into that of a male and turns blue. It becomes so different in just a moment and the dramatic change will surely surprise you!

By the way, in Okinawa, Japanese Parrotfish are for sale as food. How about trying it to make your trip more memorable?

Colourful corals, the most popular creature in the sea

Corals are the habitats of other sea creatures, and provide valuable nutrients for them. For this reason, corals are simply a super popular creature in the sea. In the sea of Okinawa, there live numerous corals. Don’t you think the sea is just like a luxury residential area?

Among various kinds of corals, my favorite is branch corals, which look like branches of a tree in a tiny size. You can appreciate the beauty of corals in Miyakojima, Okinawa. The branch corals there group together and they look exactly like trees in a forest!

A secret place for snorkelling in Okinawa

For snorkelling in Okinawa, Komaka Island is highly recommended, which is a 15-minute boat ride from the main island.

Komaka Island was a small uninhabited island before, so not many people knew about it. In recent years, it has become known to a few people as a hidden leisure spot. When you come to the island, won’t you feel it is a secret world?

A trick to get you popular with the fish!

Here is a tip for you: buy some fish sausages before going snorkelling!

It is absolutely not difficult to get fish sausage here because it is a common snack in Japan, and is often put into salads. Take some with you when you go into the sea, and you will immediately know how attractive you are! But remember not to feed too much, so that the beautiful sea is not polluted.

Go snorkelling and have fun!

The seas we introduced this time are clear and beautiful. Let’s go snorkelling! Besides snorkelling, there are also other fulfilling activities you can enjoy too. The seas are absolutely worth going. Search flights with us, and get a bargain! Go for a trip to have fun with the adorable sea creatures!