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Privacy Policy

Basic policy

The Company shall comply with laws, regulations and standards applied in relation to this Privacy policy regarding the handling of personal information, in order to strictly manage and protect the Users’ information (including, without limitation to name, age, date of birth, phone number, e-mail address, postal address, etc. hereinafter referred to as personal information) of users of this Website that the Company obtains via the Websites, etc., and shall also review and improve the following efforts when necessary.

  • Except as set forth in this Privacy Policy, the words and expressions shall have the same meaning as those set forth in Membership Terms.
  • The Company shall manage the personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and industry standards.
  • The Company has established the Privacy policy on information security and shall regularly carry out employee training and audits concerning personal information protection, and will improve these continuously.
  • When the Company outsources the handling of Users' personal information to another company, the Company shall instruct and supervise the contractor who undertakes the work to manage the information in the same way, and subject to the same obligations, as the Company.
  • The Company shall maintain the Users’ personal information while implementing reasonable safety measures against risks such as unlawful access, loss, destruction, falsification, and unauthorized dissemination.
  • When the Company is asked about, or requested to make changes to, the Users’ personal information, the Company shall first confirm that the inquiry or request comes from the relevant Users, and then take such measures as are commercially reasonable in the circumstances.

Handling of the personal information

The Company shall handle the personal information obtained from Users as follows:

  1. Purpose
    The Company may use the personal information submitted by the Users as needed, when they book travel or signs up for a service, for the purpose of getting in touch with the Users, arranging services provided by transportation and accommodation facilities for the booked travel itinerary, and for procedures necessary for Users to receive the relevant product/service.
    Moreover, the Company may use the Users personal information for any of the following: Notification of information related to services;
    • User support for products/services;
    • Provision of information to travel companies, subcontractors and suppliers, necessary for providing requested products/services;
    • The provision of related after-sales services;
    • Notification of products, services, campaigns, and events and seminars of the Company and companies have business alliances with the Company group;
    • Requests to provide feedback on travel and fill out questionnaires;
    • Provision of special benefits and services; and
    • Creation of statistical data.
  2. Provision of personal information to third parties
    The Company shall not provide Users personal information to any third party without first obtaining the Users' consent; provided, however, that such personal information may be provided to third parties in any of the following cases:
    Pursuant to any applicable law, regulation, or court or administrative order;
    • To any Company contractor to the extent necessary to for contractor to provide the relevant product/service;
    • To prevent unlawful or unreasonable insurance applications or claims;
    • To protect a person's life, person, or property where it is difficult or impracticable to obtain the Users prior consent;
    • To improve public health or the promotion of children's sound growth where it is difficult or impracticable to obtain the Users prior consent;
    • To the extent it is necessary for the Company to support any governmental organization, local government, or contractors of same perform work or services pursuant to applicable laws and/or regulations where obtaining the Users prior consent may impede such work or services; or
    • When the Users is deemed to have disadvantaged a third party, to that third party, the police, or related organizations; or
    • When the Users books Company's travel or signs up for Company's service as a Contract Representative and when another Traveler who accompanies the Contract Representative requests user support for products/services of the Company, the Company may provide the Users information (including, but not limited to, Users' personal information and the other Travelers' personal information) to such Traveler to the extent necessary to provide its user support for products/services.

Non-provision of personal information

In the event the Users declines to provide any information essential for the offer or provision of any product/service, the Company shall have the right to refuse to offer or provide any products or services.

Procedures concerning the disclosure, correction, and prevention of usage of personal data held by the Company

  • In the event that a customer requests, pursuant to this Privacy Policy, to correct, add, or delete any such customer personal information that is held by the Company, or that Company stop providing this information to third parties, the Company shall inform the customer of the necessary procedures for same. Upon verifying that such a request originates from the customer concerned, and upon the customer completing the said necessary procedures, Company shall take commercially reasonable steps to comply with such request, subject to the requirements of applicable law.
    Inquiry Form
  • Any and all communications or requests in connection with this Privacy Policy shall be made by means of the above inquiry form, and by the customer concerned.

Users contact concerning personal information

In the unlikely event of any dissemination of personal information of the Users held by the Company, the Company shall inform the affected Users(s) immediately, and take immediate measures to secure the information. In addition, the Company shall make an appropriate announcement concerning same on its Website.

Use of this Website

Users access and use this Website at their own risk. Neither the Company nor any of its affiliates shall be held liable for any damages caused by the use of any information obtained from this Website or other locations linked from this Website.
This web site is managed by the Company. Our relationship with Users and users of this Website shall be governed exclusively by Japanese law, and any dispute arising out of using this Website shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.

Cookie Policy

  1. What is a Cookie?
    When a user uses a Website, a "cookie" is stored on the user's computer as a file. The file contains the browsing history or content of the user's input transmitted between the browser and the server. The next time the user accesses the same site, the operator of the site can change the display for each user, by using the cookie information. When a user gives permission to cookies on her/his browser, the Website can obtain cookies from the user's browser. The user's browser sends only the cookie transmitted by the server of the Website, for privacy protection.
  2. Cookie settings
    • Note that you can choose cookie setting from "Enable all cookies", "Disable all cookies" and "Notify user when receiving cookies". Configuration of the settings varies for each browser. Please consult your browser's "Help" menu for information on configuring cookies.
    • When you choose "Disable all cookies", services, content available to you may be restricted.
  3. What does AirTrip do with cookies?
    The Company uses cookies for the following purposes: When a Users logs in to an authenticated service, the Company can refer to the Users's registered information and can offer a service customized for the Users;
    • To show you the most appropriate advertisements on other companies' sites based on your interest and usage status of this Website;
    • To analyze the number of users and traffic on this Website;
    • To improve Company services; and
    • To urge Users to re-enter their log in information (re-authentication), when a certain amount of time has passed since their last usage of the site, in order to maintain security.

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